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The Market Research Group undertakes a wide variety of tourism related research for both the public and private sectors.

We can offer a breadth of experience in all aspects of tourism research including visitor surveys, event research, monitors and economic impact studies.

Visitor Surveys

We undertake visitor research from the micro to macro scale through a variety of visitor survey options.

Event Research

From smaller local events to large national and international events, we can provide you with a comprehensive research service. We have an extensive track record dealing with event organisers and local governments to provide visitor experience, resident perception, economic impact and development recommendations.

Economic Impact

We can use existing data or design and carry out any necessary primary research in order to assess direct economic effects. We then employ sophisticated multiplier and modelling techniques in order to assess indirect and other induced effects.

We are able to draw on substantial experience and expertise in this field from Bournemouth University's School of Services Management. This also enables us to submit our work and methodologies to a process of peer review.

The following is a selection of our work in this area:

  • Potential economic impacts of redevelopments, investments or re-scaling - this may include the economic impact of a proposed regeneration project, or assessments of the likely value of an investment in a sporting, leisure, corporate or academic facility in order to inform bids for support to funding bodies
  • Current economic impacts of an ongoing concern - this may include the contribution of a corporate concern to the local economy in terms of employment and macroeconomic "value", or sectoral studies assessing the contribution of a particular activity to the wider economy
  • Informing bids for financial support to funding bodies - allows empirical data to support bids to all manner of funding bodies, for example Heritage Lottery Fund and Regional Development Agency bids
  • The economic impact of a special event or festival - assess the effect of an event or festival it must be looked at in its broadest sense. We can undertake all work associated with this from the views of local residents to the filtration of income through the local economy.

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